Why Is Social Media Becoming More Important Year by Year


Do you have your own Facebook account? Are you active on Twitter? Do you post pictures on Instagram?

Opening and maintaining a social media account has become second nature for many people these days, especially the younger generation.  Social media isn’t only about posting a selfie photo or updating friends on what you have for dinner. Millennials, for one, use social networks for gathering news and information.

According to the American Press Institute, 91 percent of millennials use Facebook to read or watch news stories or headlines posted by their friends. They also participate by liking a posted news story, commenting, or sharing posts.

social media for marketing

So why is social media becoming more important every passing year? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Everybody’s Doing It

Everyone is into social media. Younger people like the millennials and those belonging to Generation X are into it. Even seniors are getting into the habit.

The Pew Research Center said recently that about two thirds of American adults are into social media, up from the 46 percent recorded in 2010 and a mere 7 percent in 2005.

Since social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life, it is only imperative that you or your company you work for is into it as well.

  1. Smartphones Are Becoming Cheaper

Remember the time when smartphones used to be very expensive that your bosses were the only ones who can afford them?

Gone are those days, as you can now buy a smartphone for a very low price. With this development, just about anyone can purchase a handheld device and log on to Facebook or send several tweets.

In a global mobile report released by ComScore, it was revealed that social media users in the U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom preferred to use smartphones instead of desktop computers. In the U.S., mobile devices accounted for 76 percent of time spent on social media. In the UK and Canada, handheld devices accounted for around 70 percent.

  1. It Translates to Higher Conversion Rates

Companies are tapping social media for marketing their products because it generates higher conversion rates. Almost all companies these days have a Facebook or Twitter account, as social media marketing translates to higher conversion rates.

Perhaps the biggest reason behind this phenomenon is that social media humanizes brands. By humanizing companies, social media makes it easier for people to like a certain corporate entity.


Video Marketing in the 21st Century: The Implications of YouTube and Video Streaming for Small Businesses


We believe strongly in video marketing, and many of our customers have videos done by our video marketing partner in Hamilton, Memory Tree Productions.  Why should video be prioritized?  Keep reading on.  Video is incredibly powerful.

In 2015, according to MarketingProfs, more marketers will see the importance of video in digital marketing and demand generation strategies, and they will come to understand that YouTube isn’t the only way, or even the best way to optimize results. YouTube is a great channel for distributing videos. If you own a small business, it can help you expand your reach and attract new audiences. But it should not be the only place to distribute your content, nor should it be the hosting platform for videos embedded on your own website or in social networks.


YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload, view and share videos. A subsidary of Google, YouTube videos have a significant impact on Google’s Search algorithm and can help your business rank higher according to The Berry Company. Every minute, over 300+ hours of user-generated videos are uploaded to YouTube and they cover a wide variety of topics, like educational videos and how to guides.

Considered a social network by search engines, you will increase your social footprint across the web by having an active YouTube page. We are already aware of the role social media plays in influencing people’s purchasing decisions but a recent research shows that YouTube beat out other similar platforms when it comes to influencing purchase decisions.

Video Streaming in Real-Time

Social media, according to Forbes, has changed the way people communicate with each other online, with short lines outdoing longer forms of content. Apps like Periscope and Meerkat shorten videos to no more than 10 seconds, making them ideal for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine. With short video clips like these, customers can view a message quickly as they scroll through their news feeds. Companies can send a message quickly that will be seen by a much bigger audience. Short-form videos provide consumers with the exact content they are looking for: video clips with a digestible amount of information that they can share with their family, friends and followers on social media in real-time.





Google Adwords in 2015: The Top 4 Tips for Toronto Contractors


You don’t need a multi-million campaign to get customers on the Internet. Launching a Google AdWords campaign can be a very cost-effective way of promoting your business, whether you are launching a new product or you want people to attend a special event or sale.  AdWords advertisers can get a wide reach, as the Google Display Network is said to reach a whopping 80 percent of Internet users in the United States.

So how can you harness Google AdWords and make it an effective vehicle for promoting your business? Here are four tips you should keep in mind.  These are tips that we used to get our clients to get very good CPCs and CTRs in Adwords, and helped them generate a very good profit.

One of my clients, Greater Toronto Painters(http://www.paintersgta.ca/), ended up getting a very good ROI for their website, especially for their North York home painting page.

north york home painter

  1. Think Like a Client

Choose the keywords that your target client would likely use when searching online. List down the search words your customers looking for your products or services may type into Google. Start with general keywords then get into the specific keywords so you can reach the right audience.

  1. Think Local

Your keywords should be tailored to the region or city where your business operates. This strategy would allow you to reach highly targeted clients, and save you money by inhibiting your ad from showing when searches are too general.


For example, if your business offers hot air balloon in Los Angeles, your keywords should include “hot air balloon Los Angeles.” Or even “balloon rides LA” or “summer hot air LA.” You can also target specific places of interest like schools, airports, and hotels.

  1. Make Your Website SEO-friendly

The website of your business should be optimized for the search engines as well. For one, the landing page should correspond to your ad. When you are advertising a service, for example, your customers who click on your Google Ad should be taken directly to the page about the said service.  The website must also be easy to navigate.

  1. Make it Work For You

Running ad campaigns don’t need to be a 24/7 engagement. Since there are no long-term commitments with Google AdWords, it would be best to run ads as needed like when sales are down, or you have a special promo or event.  You can pause campaigns as necessary, and resume when you have more time or after you have evaluated your campaigns.

Online Marketing for Electricians: The Top 5 High ROI Marketing Strategies You Need


Gone are the days when electricians would advertise their services on the yellow pages or community newspapers. It is also very unlikely that you will hear a radio advertisement or see a TV ad promoting electrical services.  Electrician marketing has moved exclusively to the Internet.

Online marketing works best for electricians due to several reasons. One, it is cost-effective. Electricians don’t have to pay a lot just to have their services promoted on the internet.  Yellow Pages ads, and radio ads are expensive, and only the largest electrical contractors can afford them.  However, smaller electrical companies or individual electricians are shut out of marketing themselves through those means.

Digital marketing on the other hand, allows local contractors to reach their customers for a much lower cost.  ROI can measured very easily as well due to the ease of tracking digital marketing information.

Second, online marketing is not only cheap but can also target local customers. An residential electrician based in Toronto for example, can advertise his services in the area and not stray too far from his home office.

That said, here are the five best ways for electricians to get more business from the Internet:

  1. Register in Online Directories

Online directories like Google, Yelp, Hot Frog and Yellow Pages Online can give electricians the opportunity to promote their services.

Google should be the priority, as it receives more than 6 billion searches daily. Electricians can add their business listing to Google Plus Local. They can add photos and coupons, engage customers by replying to their queries, and see stats and analytics.

  1. Open a Facebook Page

Arguably the biggest social media site, Facebook has more than a billion people as its users.  More than half of them visit the website every day.  Electricians should open a page on Mark Zuckerberg’s creation so that their previous customers can refer them to potential clients. Plus, opening a Facebook page is free.

Residential Electrician in Toronto

  1. Build a Website

Electricians should also have their own websites. This adds legitimacy to their business, as clients will more likely trust them instead of another electrician who doesn’t have a website.

Maintaining a website may entail additional costs, but these should be offset by the amount of business it generates.

  1. Have a Blog

Sure, electricians aren’t writers who might not be able to come up with interesting articles. But electricians can share useful information on their blogs, like tips on how to lower their electricity bills and what to do when a circuit breaker trips.

Blogs can serve as the platform where keywords are integrated into the website of the electrician.

  1. Create Videos

Videos uploaded on YouTube can garner a lot of hits, which can redirect online users to the website of an electrician. Topics may range from how-to’s and practical tips

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