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Why Is Social Media Becoming More Important Year by Year


Do you have your own Facebook account? Are you active on Twitter? Do you post pictures on Instagram?

Opening and maintaining a social media account has become second nature for many people these days, especially the younger generation.  Social media isn’t only about posting a selfie photo or updating friends on what you have for dinner. Millennials, for one, use social networks for gathering news and information.

According to the American Press Institute, 91 percent of millennials use Facebook to read or watch news stories or headlines posted by their friends. They also participate by liking a posted news story, commenting, or sharing posts.

social media for marketing

So why is social media becoming more important every passing year? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Everybody’s Doing It

Everyone is into social media. Younger people like the millennials and those belonging to Generation X are into it. Even seniors are getting into the habit.

The Pew Research Center said recently that about two thirds of American adults are into social media, up from the 46 percent recorded in 2010 and a mere 7 percent in 2005.

Since social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life, it is only imperative that you or your company you work for is into it as well.

  1. Smartphones Are Becoming Cheaper

Remember the time when smartphones used to be very expensive that your bosses were the only ones who can afford them?

Gone are those days, as you can now buy a smartphone for a very low price. With this development, just about anyone can purchase a handheld device and log on to Facebook or send several tweets.

In a global mobile report released by ComScore, it was revealed that social media users in the U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom preferred to use smartphones instead of desktop computers. In the U.S., mobile devices accounted for 76 percent of time spent on social media. In the UK and Canada, handheld devices accounted for around 70 percent.

  1. It Translates to Higher Conversion Rates

Companies are tapping social media for marketing their products because it generates higher conversion rates. Almost all companies these days have a Facebook or Twitter account, as social media marketing translates to higher conversion rates.

Perhaps the biggest reason behind this phenomenon is that social media humanizes brands. By humanizing companies, social media makes it easier for people to like a certain corporate entity.


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